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Thread: Blue Comet Line Route "REDUX" 1968-2000 Era in Progress

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    Default Blue Comet Line Route "REDUX" 1968-2000 Era in Progress

    In light of the future 1970's CNJ Southern Division Pack being worked on by Chris Parker (ConductorChris) at BLW/ZT. And with the grace of Steve Durham (Literalman) the creator of the Blue Comet Lines Route. I have the OK to upgrade the BCL route to a more modern era for future release here at T-S.

    The route will be based from the late 1960's to around 2000. Before I go further I want to say all historical track will be left in place. Not comfortable enough yet to play with the .tdb yet even with TSRE5. I know some of the track in the route in reality has been gone since 1935 (1935 is the Island Heights extension of the PRR's Atlantic & Long Branch line is to name one). Those lines would be modernized to look like the era mentioned. This way one can create activities for a "What Could Have Been" fantasy run (NJT, CR, etc.). Many of us who study these lines over the years think of "What Could Have Been" from time to time.

    Besides the change in structures & vegetation, the modern upgrade to the route will feature:

    1) Electrification of the NY&LB (Today's NJT NJCL) to Long Branch. This way you can run Tiger Trains wonderful NJT Trainset & KLW's NJT Comets & Geeps.
    2) Redone carspawners
    3) Major roads & highways like The Garden State Parkway (GSP), NJ Turnpike (NJT), Atlantic City Expressway (ACE), Routes 9, 34, 35, 36, 37, 40, 72, 206 & others. Plus County Roads & local streets. All will have correct custom made signage.
    4) Renamed sidings for the era so activities will reflect industries the era correctly (Sample: Manetta Mfg. in S. Lakewood will now be Level Line Windows).
    5) Certain stations on all the routes will be deleted from timetables (Sample: Da Costa & Elwood stations on the PRSL will be taken out of service (OOS).
    6) There will be sets of activities included for both just freeware D/L's & just Payware downloads included. Old activities for the original version will no longer work because of the change in names of sidings & deleting of station. At a future time, I will rework the ones I made that are in the T-S D/L library for use with this version.

    These are just a few of the changes instore for it.

    Like I stated, I am not changing the .tdb because of really not being that advanced yet that I feel comfortable doing that, same thing with the signaling. Those will stay current for the time being.

    Some have asked about me then releasing my modified version I post with screenshots from time to time on the forum. I really can't because that version does have loads of payware objects in it. The task to sort through it would be great. It would be just easier to do it this way & not have to worry about filtering out and replacing the objects.

    Being I am going to have enough time for an upcoming surgery, I should progressing on this at a fairly good pace with using TSRE5. I been cleaning out some things I won't be using in the route and adding scenery objects that will be in the upgraded route. I included a few screenshots of the Jersey City Terminal that I started upgrading last night. I just started working on it for about 4 hours. This area is far from done but it gives you an idea what is instore. It is suppose to reflect the CNJ terminal just before it was abandoned in April 1967 with the induction of the Aldene Plan (When all CNJ commuter trains were rerouted to Penn Station, Newark.).

    This version will expand the BCL for use of a lot of roads. You can run CNJ, PRR, PC, LV, RDG, PRSL, CR, NJDOT / NJT, CRCX, TRR, SRRNJ, SFL with no problem.

    I will release screens and progress reports on this thread from time to time. And thanks to Steve Durham for giving me a green light to go ahead with this project. To Chris Parker for his hard work with the upcoming CNJ 1970's Pack & having me involved with it. Rick Franzosa & everyone at BLW/ZT with his help and input with this project & working on those "Cut Out" CH hoppers. Max Brisben on those great future CNJ SD35's & Red Baron GP7 for the set. Ian Dodd for all the great NJT items at TigerTrains (Yes I love running modern too on the route.). And all supporting this project. - Mark

    First four screenshots are of the CNJ passenger terminal trainshed yard area. By 1967 prior to abandonment, the yard by the largest Bush Trainshed was very overgrown. At 12:01 AM May 1, 1967 the terminal for both rail and ferry service to NYC will fall silent for good with the Aldene Plan going into effect.

    A lone CNJ Geep & hack sit quietly next to Tower "A" in the terminal yard for its next assignment working the car float area of the yard. Tower "A" controlled all movements into the trainshed and to the engine facility just to the north.

    A view from the jetty of the ferry terminal building shows the CNJ terminal's Bush Trainshed & REA - Freight House to the left. On the right is the Lehigh Valley's yard & carfloat. A lot of people don't know that the LV operated the yard & carfloat on the north side of Johnston Ave. This worked in conjunction with the LV at Greenville Yard & National Docks. Being on the Hudson & on the Morris Canal. The LV had a lot of marine traffic here. This are was greatly used after the 1916 "Black Tom" incident. LV's Black Tom - Caven Point yard & docks were just south of the CNJ's main freight & marine yards & terminal. On the morning of July 30, 1916 a munitions explosion by an act of sabotage by the Germans at the LV pier leveled the area around the pier, even dented the Statue of Liberty (The scars are still seen today), turned over cars in both the CNJ & LV yards & cause damage to the passenger terminal. My grandfather told me it even blew out windows on my house & my street in Garfield, NJ some 22 miles away. This was a the first act of terrorism on U.S. soil in history.

    A view of the LV's carfloats & CNJ terminal. This LV operated this carfloat & yard right up to its inception into Conrail in 1976. Conrail operated it for a few years afterwards.

    A broader view of the area from the Hudson River. The powerhouse on the LV side of Johnston Ave was part of the CNJ. The powerhouse & the long REA building was suppose to be incorporated as part of Liberty State Park. But to cut cost their were taken down. The ferry building to the left was suppose to be too. It even got a new roof & structural upgrading by 1980, but the copper sheathing on the water side was taken down to be repaired & cleaned to its Verde look when all of a sudden it disappeared. Hummmm? Actually the building shown here that Teemu made is the version with the missing copper.

    A lone CNJ ferry waiting to depart for the CNJ's West Street Ferry Terminal in NYC. The former ferry terminal on the NYC side became property for the World Trade Center site which construction started in later 1967.

    Hope you enjoy. - Mark
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