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    Question Static Object Question

    Okay so I can place multiple static objects, but when I go to select all of them, I have to be careful where I click. Is that an object selection issue or a TSRE5 issue?

    I am trying to place MULTIPLE large vineyards along the tracks...Is there a way to do it easier and quicker?


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    I think it would be so good for vineyards and orchards if they could be placed as forests. If the "trees" could be placed in rows and the spacing specified when they are placed/
    Also could the outline of a forest area be changed. They all currently have to be rectangular.

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    Hi Garry,

    Yep - sounds good - also add have multiple tree types per forest region - as it would be far faster to specify a single region with a desired mix - instead of piling up layer upon layer of forest regions - to achieve the same results...


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    I agree so much with this because in redone the Blue Comet Lines route, I am redoing the NJ Pine Barrens with scrub pines from around Lakewood to all points south of there. That is a huge task.

    But between the scrub you do have sparsely oak, chestnut, ash & birch trees. not to mention ground cover too. And doing it layer by layer burns you out after a while. And maybe having it outline around rivers, roads & creeks would be great instead of different positioned rectangles.
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