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Thread: Derail Valley

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    Hopefully that means we will start to see some of that working through in the game.

    My comment about judder got rebutted on the Steam forum but there is definitely a smoothing issue there. They have acknowledged there is a problem with the game hanging on exit, possibly a Unity issue so maybe that is connected with the performance, or maybe the new terrain graphics are just hitting the GPU harder.

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    Two updates in close succession have added a gondola car (which allows for the scrap metal job) and... a caboose!

    The caboose has storage for items, a Career Manager station (for the paying of fees and, therefore, remote servicing of your train) and a charging point for the remote control unit. It also extends the range of said unit, to aid in shunting. Lastly, it has an independent handbrake to help hold you on gradients, and works as an end-of-train device which is visible on the map as a red dot.

    Nice though it all is, I don't see much utility for it. You need to make a point of connecting it to each train (which means running around to the back to attach it, as it costs $10,000 to spawn it with the radio!) and if, like me, you try to maximise your profits by picking up or dropping off consists along the way, you have to worry about detaching and reattaching it at each stop, too. Given how fast you have to work in order to get the time bonuses, that's them basically out the window.

    I've never had a coupler snap that didn't cause a brake application anyway, so the only real use for the EOT function is remembering where you left part of a train if you had to split and go elsewhere/get a banker engine. I don't use the remote controller either, as I've found I have the most fun driving the steam engine, not either of the diesels.

    Note also that for reasons best known to the developers, you need to buy and find it, first. This seems silly, so here is how, SPOILERS if you don't want to know:

    Go to the shop in City SW and buy "Reginald's Shed Key". Not that far away, between the Sawmill and Forest South, there is a tiny little wye off the main line leading to a locked shed. Inside is the caboose.

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