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Thread: Moving from TS2010 to TANE: first impressions

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    Default Moving from TS2010 to TANE: first impressions


    I saw that Trainz A New Era SP3 was on sale for US$ 9.99. So I decided to buy it, even though my oldish desktop can’t really handle it. I am still using TS2010.

    Only the download version is available. There also are Delux and Platinum editions. As I am writing this, I see that the Standard edition now is US$ 19.99. I must have spotted the sale at the right time.

    Here are my first impressions.

    Download and install is straight forward. The email contains a link to download a ZIP file (8 GB). There is a UK and a US version. Download the file, then unzip it, and finally run the installer.

    To run the game, one has to first enter the MyTrainz account information. I am assuming that this is for the DRM check. I don’t know how often this check is performed (I heard at least once a month). This is a bit of a concern for me. Is their server still around in 10 years, when I still want to enjoy T:ANE?

    On the first start, it takes a minute or two to set things up. After that, the game starts quite fast.

    The Standard edition includes only 4 routes with a total of 15 activities. The routes are: C&O Hinton Division (US, 3 activities); ECML Kings Cross - Edinburgh (UK, 3 activities); Healesville - 1913-1920 (AU, 5 activities); and Kickstarter Country (fictious, formerly Highland Valley, 4 activities).

    It is clear that Auran is discounting the game in the hope that one then buys lots of routes and activities. For anybody interested in stock routes and activities, it is better to buy the Delux or Platinum edition.

    A route still takes quite a while to start. They Kickstarter route took about 50 seconds on my oldish desktop. Annoyingly there is no progress bar.

    The game looks a bit different. But on an exploratory tour through the menus, I did not see anything spectacularly new.

    Lastly, I am not into multi-player, so that (new since TS2010) does nothing for me. I also have no intentions to get TRS2019. First I am not interested in bleeding edge. And second, I have heard it is subscription based – I prefer to buy the software I use.


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    Quote Originally Posted by c44d9w View Post
    oldish desktop can’t really handle it
    I'm interested in knowing more about the specs of your desktop. Does it have a dedicated graphics card? What CPU is it?

    I ask because I am also interested in potentially getting newer versions of Trainz but am concerned about the system requirements.

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    My desktop system is at least 8 years old. I have:
    CPU: core 2 duo E7500 @ 2.93 GHz
    RAM: 4 GB
    Video: nVidia GeForce GT430 with 1 GB memory
    Disk: HDD
    OS: Windows 7

    I think you definitely need a graphics card. The built-in graphics are not meant for games. At the time the GT430 was a decent (if not gaming) card.

    With the Kickstarter route, I get 12.5 frames per second.


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    OS: Windows 7 64bit, Windows 8 64bit
    CPU: Intel i5 3Ghz 64bit processor (or equivalent)
    GPU: NVidia GT 430 or ATI 5550 or better, at least 1GB dedicated VRAM supporting DirectX 11
    Memory: 4GB
    Hard Drive: 50GB free space
    Soundcard: DirectX-compatible
    Internet connection required


    OS: Windows 7 64bit, Windows 8 64bit
    CPU: Intel i5 3330, AMD FX 8350, QuadCore 2,3 Ghz or better
    GPU: NVidia GTX 660 or AMD HD 6950 or better, at least 2GB dedicated VRAM supporting DirectX11
    Memory: 8GB
    Hard Drive: 30GB free space
    Soundcard: DirectX-compatible
    Internet connection required
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    TRS 19 graphics look much better than TS2010 or even TANE which directly preceded it. You just need to play around with the environment settings and post processing to get a much more lifelike appearance, none of the earlier versions could display.

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    Well, Roger, if you have the game working then you've done well on your old machine, I would seriously suggest upgrading it if it's within your financial budget in the next 6/12 months, though, T:ANE can get resource hungry on various routes these days. Don't forget that some of the N3V game versions need service packs and patches after installation to bring them up to current standards, I can't remember what T:ANE is nowadays, I installed it late last year, I got up to version SP3, but, can't remember the build number now, you'll need to check.

    Cheerz. Steve.
    i5 4690 3.5 GHz Quad Core CPU, Gigabyte Z97-HD3, 16GB RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB, WIN 7 PRO 64-bit.

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    I tried Trainz A New Era (Tane), when it first came out, but even on my computer it had poor frame rates, so I removed it for that reason and also the annoying advertising list of paid routes. The recent sale of the new TRS2019 regional packs got me interested in Trainz again because it is a lot smaller download (8GB sized) and the American edition appealed to me, I also brought Jointed Rails Mojave Region DLC which installed no worries.

    There are two routes installed for the TRS 2019 American edition namely Kick Starter County Route and what I consider a unnecessary demo route/board that shows some of the included content such as scenery and locomotives. The Kick Starter County route has to stay in the game since it includes tutors or guides on how to use Trainz etc. I will take a closer look but I think the demo route/board could be disabled and some of the content could be safely removed such as Russian wagons or low quality wagons etc.

    Since I prefer RUN8 as my main realistic train simulator, I will be using TRS 2019 to build small switching routes and model railway layouts as I feel Trainz overall is ideally suited for this type of sim railroading. TRS 2019 certainly looks better with the improved lighting and it does run smoother on my computer, but requires that you connect your computer to the internet a least once a month.

    I have not bothered with any of the subscription based offers, since the majority of content I want is going to be Jointed Rail or RR Mods DLC content. Overall both Trainz A New Era (Tane) and TRS 2019 are an improvement over TRS 2010, but at the expense of a fairly strong computer to run larger routes.

    My computer Specs:

    OS: Windows 10 Pro

    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z270X Gaming 5

    CPU: i5 -7600k 3.80GHZ- ( 4.20GHZ Turbo)

    Hard Drive: Samsung SDD 960 EVO 500GB

    Ram: Corsair 16GB Ram

    Graphics Card: GEForce GTX 1060 3GB

    Sound: Sound Blaster XAE-5

    Storage: 2X Intel520 SDD -250GB



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