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Thread: Windows 10 computer cannot install MSTS "Roundhouse" Addon; Any help?

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    Post Windows 10 computer cannot install MSTS "Roundhouse" Addon; Any help?

    Hello! Just recently, i bought the "Roundhouse" addon for my MSTS (and OR) installation to add to my collection. however, on attempting to install the route and locomotive sets, i got a Run-Time error "5"- Invalid procedure call or argument. I tried copying the files straight from the disc, but the sigcfg.dat files were missing from both rocky island and cliff hanger, and L1 had no textures- just Gray, would anyone have any ideas?

    Thank you!

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    Rocky Islands and Cliff Hanger can be downloaded here, unless there are other routes by the same names. In any case, they don't have any signals placed in them, so putting any sigcfg/sigscr files will fix those routes. I've never heard of an L1 route, so I don't know what to tell you there

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    Thank you very much! L1 is what the route is called in the selector. upon reading the instruction booklet, i discovered that it was, in fact, called L1 there as well, apparently representing Chicago elevated railway's lake street line. upon further reading, however, it was shown that all it had was tracks, stations and structure. were many of these packs just things users had created that were later put up online, like the tallylyn addon?

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    Hi midlander43454,
    Roundhouse is a very old (2001) release by Abacus. Even then it had no good reports (search this Forum)! Also, it probably has a 16bit installer, which won't run in any 64bit Operating System. If this is the case, you could try my procedure for installing TSM - the first post in this thread :


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    Thanks! It probably makes sense that it has no good reports- I've just noticed everything was downloadable off of UKtrainsim

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