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Thread: A few new items coming from BEW

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    you gotta do the CB&Q and Kimberly Clark hoppers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnyboy99 View Post
    you gotta do the CB&Q and Kimberly Clark hoppers.
    I would have loved to do the CB&Q but unfortunately they are one of the roads that had the version with the pipe/rail? along the whole side near the top, i could do it in 2D but i would never be happy with it so unless the proper shape is done at a later date or someone makes a Freight animation to add it to the current one that is off the menu, these days its just me i have no freight animators that i can turn to if i need anything made. As to private owner wagons i have no idea who had them so chose to stick with mainly fallen flags and early class 1 liveries, its the period i prefer to run in the sim.

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