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Thread: Run8 v2 on two Monitors

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    Cool Run8 v2 on two Monitors

    Hi guys, what is the process to play Run8 v2 on two monitors, to be specific I mean have the DS screen on one monitor, and Train World on the other monitor. NOTE: There is a Multi - Monitor section under the graphics tab, but not sure how to use it, Thanks for the help!! Tim

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    At this time it is not possible to have the Run8 dispatch screen and the Run8 program open at the same time on a secondary monitor or on split screen windows.

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    You'll need to get External Dispatcher if you want to use a separate monitor for dispatching. It's free and very good, but it doesn't support all of the routes that have been released. I use it for the Southwest, minus Seligman and LA.

    The multi-monitor section just allows you to toggle which screen the game will display on when run fullscreen. External Dispatcher has the same options. I encourage you to experiment with it, as I play this way all the time, and it beats the pants off switching between screens all the time.

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