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Thread: My new Trainz/Trainsim youtube Channel (All Videos train simulator related)

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    Cool My new Trainz/Trainsim youtube Channel (All Videos train simulator related)

    Sorry for the inappropriate posting in this forums, everything has changed so much sents I was on here last (last on this account) over 10 years at less so well its been so long I forgot where everything is at.

    My first new video

    for everyone who doesn't me I played MSTS in the early 2000s Nace to meet ya.

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    DAR #25 leaves Kentville heading to Windsor one the Dominion Atlantic Railway Saturday morning, the weathers nice suns up a cool mild wind blows across the valley with a pleasant familiar feeling as the train departs as it has time and time gen. Today DAR#25 is making her last run on the DAR before her retirement, crowds line the platform at the Kentville station as the train departs and puffs off into the distance this will be the last time a steam locomotive will be seen in the valley.

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    #Trainz #DragonsPassRailroad
    DVR returning with empty's form its morning drop off just outside Raida this morning, The crew just stopped in the local store for a bite to eat and proceeded on to the yard in
    Dragon Valley where they will interchange the cars for loaded tanks and go on their afternoon job in Rockwell later today.

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