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Is this for an old wooden or early steel boxcar Scott? The W and EW make me think it's insulated or a car wit exterior posts.

The H is for the interior, the ExH is from the railhead, so it looks like they have the EH and ExH switched.

The interior of your box appears to be 7 - 3 high, 33 - 2 1/4 long and 8 - 3 wide. You need to add whatever wall thickness there is to that.

Paul :-)
Hi Paul,

It’s an early steel car - I’m using the Atlas 40 foot steel reefer as a reference... I started looking a bit closer at the models - they all have different sizes listed on their sides - so the dimensions are at least bogus as they won’t match the physical size of the model (maybe they still match the RW counterparts ?) as I’m sure Atlas made only one size 40 foot steel reefer...

I need to find a 1945-55 version of your book - which I may have on hand - I’ll check when I get home this weekend...

I have all four of the Mainline Modeler books and I’m pretty sure they had a steel reefer - they’re just packed away somewhere and I can’t seem to find them at the moment...


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