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Thread: Can't find Via RDC for FBL RDC.

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    Default Can't find Via RDC for FBL RDC.

    I'm trying to find the Via RDC pack needed to run the Full Bucket Line RDCs. However I can't find the Via RDC file and all the instructions I've found to try and find it are outdated. Does anyone know what I must do to find this pack so I can run some FBL RDCs?

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    The Full Bucket Line RDCs require the use of cabview and sounds from the VIA RDC set, available from :
    ... but note that you need to be a member of the Valleypass Club to download it.


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    I wasn't able to get the cabview and sound recommended, but I found workarounds. The files needed were:
    I don't remember if I actually needed both the sound files. The cabview works perfectly, but you have to edit the name of the .cvf file in the engine file. It's a nice piece of equipment but the activities are not very interesting.

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