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Thread: How to create signals?

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    Default How to create signals?

    I know that there are a small number of guides which indicate how to export the blueprints and likewise with signals, but are there AT ALL which detail how to build one from scratch? I use Train Sim Modeler and import the near finished model into 3d Crafter 8. There is nothing to indicate where the axis goes, and the child objects etc, shaders (if any). I pretty much know nothing about it at the moment.

    Has anyone here ever built one for TS and got it working in the game? I need some South Australian left hand semaphore signals similar to the ones used in the two South Australian MSTS routes that have been released. They will be buried, but I need at least probably 4 or so for the mainline, and maybe one on the branchline. I am ok with building them myself, but it seems to be hit and miss/self taught from what I can tell.

    So what do I do apart from using non prototypical UK signals?

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    i have built few signals for Indian Railways based on UK prototype.
    I am afraid there is no specific guide to create from scratch.

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    There is a fairly active signalling forum on UKTrainsim where you are more likely to get answers
    See this thread for my railway photos

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    I built my own signals for my CNW route in GMax. Getting the scripts correct can be a challenge, but it's a medium on the difficulty scale assuming you've already figured out shape building. Unfortunately, none of mine are animated, so I can't help much there.

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