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    The Texas Chief was a 1971 Amtrak original, inheriting its Chicago/Kansas City/Fort Worth/Houston routing from the Santa Fe train of the same name. In 1974 however, the train was renamed the Lone Star when ATSF demanded that Amtrak stop using the 'Chief' designation due to what it felt was Amtrak's unacceptable service standards not worthy of the 'Chief' name. The Lone Star would later add a separate section serving Dallas, but the train was discontinued as part of the 1979 Amtrak budget and service cutbacks. The following images capture the train at different times during its short Amtrak career, with the final views showcasing the Dallas section in the mid-1970s.

    - Activity inspired by content from: 'All Aboard Amtrak' by M. Schafer
    - Also see:

    Locos: BLW/ZT + TrainSim F/L ... Consists: BLW/ZT ... Routes: Monon-2 & Northwest Line v6

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    That is a train that should still be running. Nice to see the virtual rendition.

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