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Thread: Wire Frame Mode (And Tunnels)

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    Default Wire Frame Mode (And Tunnels)

    Also posted at the official forum, but reproduced here for best coverage...

    Two sort of related issues...

    Is there a wire frame feature which I haven't found yet, or plans to include one, as it makes it much easier to see where your track is going when placement ends up under terrain.

    Edit: Found it! "Hide Terrain Shape" in the menu. Question below still applies though please.

    Also what's the best way of creating tunnels? In MSRE I usually find if the tunnel is shallow, the next piece will normally snap to the previous if you just click in the vicinity. For deep tunnels, I use the "Y" key on the previous section, attach the new piece then hit ¬ which normally (not always!) undoes the last terrain only change. If that doesn't work then you can exit without saving the terrain changes (world placement only) and reload the editor to continue. What's the similar process in TSRE, please?
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