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Thread: F6 Key - sidings and platforms Issue

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    Unhappy F6 Key - sidings and platforms Issue


    Could some one please explain why I am getting this error message whne I press the Key F6 to see the Sidings and Platforms, it is happening in some part of my route I ereased the track, and all track objects to remove any potential error in this area, and when I installed again and I press the F6 I got again the error screen...


    I will appreciate your help


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    In a specific area of the route I pressed F6 and I got that error (Showed)


    I removed (deleted) about 5 miles of track pieces and track objects (Signals and sidings / platform items) then I run the route and the error disappeared (I press F6 and everything was OK), then I placed again the 5 miles of track removed I added the siding and platforms and signals again and the error appeared again...

    I will appreciate your help!!! do I have to change something in the Open rails setting file?


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    Hi Rodrigo,

    It looks like you've got what I had, phantoms.
    The problem on the PRR East was in two forms:
    1.) Data in TDB/TIT but not in world file and 2.) Data in world files but not in TDB/TIT.

    Either way they have to be manually edited to remove.
    Editing the TDB and TIT is very critical. Data block are sequentially numbered so you just cant go in and delete a datablock as it affects all the following datablocks. If a datablock is removed from the TDB or TIT it must be replaced with a correctly sequence numbered 'EmptyItem' datablock.

    Editing the world file is easy. Just delete the bad item. No sequence numbers to follow here. BUT if you mistakenly delete a good item you will introduce a database out-of-sync condition.

    Using TSRE5 v0.6974 you can, in the View Menu display TDBItems.
    You can also Delete these Items but !!! BE VERY CAREFUL !!!
    If you delete a valid item you can destroy the route.
    You are presented with a caution message if you select delete so please be careful.
    A large route like the PRR-East takes 20 seconds for the display to come active so be patient.
    The TDBItems display as a BLACK CUBE.
    If you see a black cube WITHOUT one of the following TDB item symbols (Red Pyramid signal) (Orange Pyramid Siding) (Green Pyramid Platform) you have a out-of-sync database problem.

    In all cases where I have found a Black Cube WITHOUT an accompanying Database Symbol I have successfully deleted these Black Cubes.

    Also if you have NO display at the offending location you probably have a condition of a valid World file entry but are MISSING the required TDB & TIT data block entries. This gives rise to the error you've encountered. You'll need to go searching through the relevant world file for the bad entry. A real PITA.

    You say you removed all interactives but the error still shows up.
    ++ Could be rogue entries in the TDB/TIT without the required World file entry OR
    ++ Bad World file entry without the required TDB/TIT data.

    My problem was missing TDB but I had world file entries. The Sim crashed when it read a world file and could not find the required database files.

    The fix in my case was a manual edit of the world files where the problems were . . . I had hundreds of bad entries! It took me two years to track them down and eliminate them. OUCH!!

    If these errors showed up AFTER you began editing the best thing would be to go back to your last backup BEFORE the errors showed up and chalk up the work you've lost to 'editing education' school as I did.

    Extra world file entries are the easiest to eliminate.
    The database files are another matter. I recommend going to backups if this is your problem.

    Bottom LIne . . . Backups.
    I backup after every editing session. Keep it simple.
    I drag and drop the route folder on my desktop icon for WinRar which starts the backup process.
    Takes 10 minutes. Done!
    I burn each 700+ MB WinRar archive to a DVD asap.

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    Hi Vince

    Thanks a lot for the very detailed description about this important topic,

    I was not able to find a Black box without the database symbol, all the blackboxes have the repective database symbol, so,

    If I undesrtood well I have to explore the world files to detect a missmatch against track data base? I started checking some elements of world tiles in the area where the error is appearing, but I was not able to find something wrong,

    There should be a tool to verify this missmatching between world and trackdatabes, otherwise I really cant imagine how big will be the effort to find something wrong,

    I will keep trying to find something wrong based on your recomendations,

    I appreciate again the detailled explanation!

    Thanks & Regards

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