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Thread: Route - Mexico City - Veracruz "FCM railroad"

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    Default Route - Mexico City - Veracruz "FCM railroad"

    Route: Mexico City to Veracruz "FCM railroad" 470 Kms (293.75 Miles) - Google Maps terretex
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    Metlac Bridge under construction
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    Looking Great !!! Looks like a real interesting route.
    I guess time to rework my spare time priorities now.... - Mark -

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    Thanks for your comments,

    This is the FCM (Mexican Railroad Route) that was the first route build in Mexico around 1850´s its a very nice route...
    There are very atractive parts in the route...

    Currently the route has a intensive daily trafic with very heavy freigh trains using locmotives type AC4400, ES44DC and GEVOs (mostly) in distribuited power.

    Quick Summary of route.
    - Going South from Mexico City to Veracruz it´s very flat from Mile 0 to Mile 156, some areas with 1.5% percent but no more than that
    - In mile 30 the track passes very close to the Pyramids of Teotihuacan.
    - In mile 156 the show beggins with the route descending from a high altitud of 8208 (with the objective to finish in the port of Veracruz at sea level)
    - From mile 156 to 170 the original route had ramps of 4.1%, then in 1990´s there was constructed an alternant route at the other side of Maltrata Canyon to descend with ramps of 2.5% (average) having 32 tunnels, assigned with the name of each the states of Mexico, except the numer 4 named as "El Mexicano" with a lengh of 2miles having a smoke extraction system in the North portal,

    Note: Green Arrow New path, Yellow Old path & Current Highway

    addional in this area (mile 156 to 170) there are 3 bridges, the most significant is the bridge 2 "Vaqueria" located between portals north and south of tunels 13 and 14.

    In mile 190 there is located Metlac Bridge (300ft long and 1300 ft of heith) that is a new modification of original route to pass the Metlac Canyon, the original route used to round the canyon to keep going south

    In mile 208 route was modified from original path to pass the Atoyac Canyon with a impresive Tunnel-Cover Viaduct-Bridge (all in one) that receive an Latin Award for the arquitect design.

    The ramp of 2.5% (Average) that started in mile 156, ends in mile 218,

    Route ends in the Port of Veracruz mile 293


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    This sounds quite interesting. I can't think of any other routes set in Mexico off-hand

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    Thats awesome looking dude! Be nice to run something new. Glad to see content being made for MSTS/Open rails.

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    Awesome awesome awesome! I was seriously considering doing this route myself at some point (albeit just the modern Distrito Acultzingo mountain portion) but very glad to see someone doing the whole line! Ferrosur's operations on this route, to me, are one of the most impressive heavy haul freight operations in North America today. I'm also very glad to see Pico de Orizaba is visible!
    ~Sean Kelly~

    MRL Mullan Pass for ORTS

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    Quote Originally Posted by ebnertra000 View Post
    This sounds quite interesting. I can't think of any other routes set in Mexico off-hand
    Quick look in the f/l: you're correct. Several routes sneak into NEW Mexico but none south of the Border. And I do mean NOTHING, not in Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, or South America. Nothing. Closest is the SD&A which starts *at* the border north of Tecate. Except a "small world alpha 2000km" route from 2002 that claims to include all sorts of lines including something in Peru. Has anybody ever downloaded and installed it? The zip file size is quite gigantic for its time.

    Wasn't somebody going to do the T&T and SDIY at one time?

    Was the Veracruz line traction at some time?

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    Hi Perry,

    Thanks for your comments, Yes this route is impressive, In fact my project started with the construction of the Modern Distrito Acultzingo, I started north to south and the challenge was to provide the correct % of profile to the track to be able to follow the level of track (I had to repeat couple of times due the track was higher respect to the terrain and I had to add more % going down, following the official documentation of Ferrosur)

    There are placed the 32 tunnels.... today the route is fully completed from Mexico City Km 0 to Apizaco Kilometer 159, and all Distrito Acultzingo to Metlac where is located the impressive bridge!

    Once I added the distant mountains the Pico de Orizaba and Malinche Mountain came in a impressive way, there is a big part of the route with these views to both mountains, and I just added snow to the higest part of the peaks.

    I will keep working to have completed the route to Veracruz...

    I will be sharing more screenshots

    Thanks and regards

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    There are very interesting routes in Mexico, this is a very impressive due the profile % in the mountains area (south) some parts with 3% or more continually for several miles passing 32 tunnels,

    but also the Chepe Route is impressive with 80 tunnels or more and 35 bridges crossing the Cooper Canyon, currently this route has a Passenger train and a new renewed luxury service called Chepe Express with dome and high class coaches... (located in the nort of country from Chihuahua to Los Mochis (Pacific Ocean)

    This would be a big big challenge for Train Sim due the distance of this route is bigger 700kms (437miles) and the terrain is very complicated, but why not?..., some day...


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