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Thread: DRGW Green River Route - Problems under MSTS

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    Default DRGW Green River Route - Problems under MSTS

    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    I've downloaded the file from TrainSimulations a few weeks ago, but I've problems with some missions.
    In missions like "ACe in the Hole", "Westbound Ford FAST" and "Kaiser Coal Load", I always get stuck in front of a red light that doesn't give way after some time (In "Westbound Ford FAST" I waited for more than three hours and nothing happened.)
    Another special problem occured after the start of "Kaiser Coal Load". After stopping the train in front of the first red signal, the parked AI-train on the track to the left "hopped" over onto my track and after a few seconds this led to a de-railing situation of my train.
    I'm playing under Windows XP and my system can handle the requirements without problems, I've also no problems with downfalls due to the huge graphics.
    Can anyone help, please?
    Many thanks and kind regards,

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    Have you looked at the activity in the activity editor ?

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