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Thread: Dynamic Track - Causes Editor Lock Up (Unrecoverable)

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    Hi Vern.
    I understand your frustration. Maybe you remember your first run with the MSRE? Looking for answers that you never got, no support from M$ . . .you (we) were on our own.
    Bit different now eh? You have now an editor that does everything you wished for in MSTS but never got.
    I, like you avoid DT whenever I can but I have never seen anything except an occasional crash-to desktop but never a lockup as you've described.
    If this happens again possibly you could look in the TSRE folder and copy the log.txt file in there. There may be valuable information in there that would help diagnose the problem
    Perhaps I was a bit short with you at 2am but please remember that this new editor is a huge improvement and your input with bug reports and accompanying logs, data or whatever helps everyone and helps improve the new editor.

    I was not able to reproduce the bug as you described. Tried bending the DT both left and right and it worked every time. I tried attaching the DT to very short and 'normal' track lengths. No problems.

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    No worries Vince. Like you I think TSRE is great and I have moved across almost 95% for any route building endeavour. If the issue arises again, I will keep calm, carry on and collect as much data as I can.

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