Would it be possible to include, in the view menu, along with the 'hide terrain shape' option, a 'hide forests' option, (and maybe other options to hide buildings/roads/track, etc.,) and disabling selection of the hidden items?

I was adding detail items to a shop/maintenance area that I had already 'planted' four or five 'weed forests' over (using the ORTSForestClearDistance attribute to keep the tracks clear), and once anything was placed, I couldn't reselect it: No matter how I tried, I ended up selecting one of the 'weed forests' instead. I ended up deleting the weeds to be able to manipulate anything, luckily it was a small area and more of a test of the 'cleardistance' settings than the finished product. Now I know to leave the weeds for later, but I still think it would be a useful option.