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Thread: PRR V2 Static/Loose Consist Locomotives

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    Default PRR V2 Static/Loose Consist Locomotives

    Hello all and Vince, I am enjoying running on this new version. It is much improved for running, and I am happy to say that I am enjoying 45-73fps as well.
    I do have a question about the Static and Loose Consist Locomotives. It would add a lot if Pantographs were in the UP/running position and as well Smoke/Steam coming from the steam engines en route. They look so dead just sitting there. All the AI's seem to have lights/pantographs operating, I have not seen an AI steam train as yet, but still a ways to go on my trip.

    Can a line for Open Rails be added for these features?

    Congratulations to all involved with this effort! A most enjoyable way to pass the time.

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    Glad you're enjoying it.
    I recall that there is/was a way to have the conditions you seek but can't remember where. There was a discussion a week or so ago over at Elvas Tower that had to do with headlight operation when switching engines but for the life I don't remember I saw info on pans up and smoke.

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