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Thread: PRR-Eastern-Region-v2 Has been Released

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    I cannot express how happy I am that this modification is finally complete. This is a route that I have been wanting to play with for a long time, but those issues with the phantom signals and sporadic 45 mph reductions along very busy sections made it so difficult. I haven't got around to running the entirety of the route (or at least the line between DC and NYC), but I trust that I will have a much more pleasant experience. I also couldn't help but notice that a few TA models were included in the installation, and although they may be dated, it's nice to know that some of that otherwise defunct content has been preserved.

    It's a shame, though, that those much-needed track adjustments make all those older activities in the FL useless on this version. If I wasn't in the midst of filling out documents for a university transfer and looking into enough scholarships to offset enrollment costs, I would offer to try and port some of the existing activities over to the newest version of the route. I've only ever practiced with porting the activities in TA's "American Classics" pack from the default NEC to NECv4 (which I don't really plan on releasing for various reasons), but I'm sure I could make it work for this. Of course, the only activities that I've installed so far have been from, and many of the other activities available use payware sets that I plan on purchasing at some point, but I don't exactly have a disposable income (or time) to simultaneously cover those and school funds.

    Also, another DOOMer, I see. It's been a while since I've loaded up any .wad's and indulged myself in that realm.

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    Where is this file located? Is it in the file library here or over on CLW's website?

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    Here in the file library on the first page from the third bottom and you will see the link to download.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Vince View Post
    I'm on a Win10 pro 64bit system.

    I have two special default MSTS installations on my machine in completely separate folders I used to generate all the activities.
    The PRR is one of the two routes in that install. The other route is a 'packed full' route with every shape file I've ever used and all of the default MSTS shapes.
    The other install is the same configuration as above but with the LIRR & the packed route.

    Neither of these two installations is suitable for running trains at all. They are strictly developer configured installs.
    I don't use MSTS for anything except activity generation and that is soon to end when Goku gets his editors up to speed.

    If you want to use the MSTS activity editor ( the Route Editor is not usable at all ) you'll have to configure your installation by first generating your own MINI installation and then copying in the PRR Mini folders from the PRR MINI installation.

    The four folders you'd copy in are the Global. Sound, Routes and Trains folders with all their contents, overwriting the folders you generate using the Route_Riter Utility.
    If this is too much for you the only other way I know is to Use Open Rails Track View to generate paths and Gokus TSRE editor to cook up the activities . . .which I have never tried.
    I tried and it actually worked according to your instructions. Never would have figured that out.
    It is like swimming through molasses though.
    Such is MSTS at this stage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cn bala View Post
    Here in the file library on the first page from the third bottom and you will see the link to download.

    Thanks! Found it and am downloading!

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    Thanks a BUNCH to the creators of this!! Philadelphia feels much more, real now. Altoona is WAY better!!! Especially not having to do weird dirvergances to get to the station for passenger, and Three Mile Island looks WAY better!!!
    Removal of the floating radiation signs, no more fire, no more insanely loud burning sound. And the change to the scenery makes TMI feel way less crammed in to a spot and like the island ACTUALLY is three miles!

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    You're welcome.

    I did Zoo, Ron Pickardi did most of Altoona. I just added the turntables ( and in 6 other locations ) and the Altoona East receiving yard. Also I tidied up the scenery everywhere I visited. Took me 2 years. Much fun with TSRE.
    I'd love to see someone pick up where I left off as with TSRE, no more worries of bugware MSTS to drive you nuts.

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    Vince, I've been into MSTS for almost 20 years now. I've seen a lot great things come and many more that never made it to fruition sadly. I am just feeling that at this point there is not much more to look forward to. I have gotten interested in old British made model trains from the 1960's and am considering starting a collection of the stuff. Ever here of Tri-ang Railways? I personally love the stuff and am most certainly going to collect some of it.


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    Hi Vince,

    I'm really loving the new PRREast. Thanks for all the hard work.

    I think I may have found another signal problem. In TrackViewer the north exit signal on Wilmington Track 2 shows as two signals (9351 and 9359) one on top of the other.


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    Many thanks for sharing Vince. Runs flawlessly in OR MG rel 16.

    Much appreciated.

    Yma O Hyd

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