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Thread: PRR-Eastern-Region-v2 Has been Released

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    I've run a couple of the activities so far, and they're fairly impressive - nice work!

    Having said that, I have noticed a few anachronisms - in the Washington to New York City run, what are the NS and CSX-logo hoppers doing on the Pennsy? Also, rather than using the Broadway Limited consist for that run (which would probably never have been seen south of Philly), how about using a consist from the Senator or Washingtonian?

    There are also a number of stations in Maryland (like BWI) that I don't believe would have existed quite that early (although I could be wrong). All-in-all, however, that's just nitpicking on what is overall an awesome effort (and I'm not even a Pennsy fan!).

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    The station marked BWI existed at the time however it would be marked Friendship Airport, its original name. I worked there a few years later when the airport was rebuilt and renamed.

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    The station anachronisms? I just left them as I found them. The stations are quite easy to change the names or delete them using the new editor. I highly recommend everyone to take a dip in that pool. Once you've practiced by first creating a simple one tile route that takes about 20 minutes to create you'll be solidly hooked in building or modding.
    Just develop a reasonable backup scheme.
    I use the dragging the route folder to the WinZip or WinRar shortcut is preferable and takes about 5 minutes to completely backup the route.

    A word of warning tho'; moving or deleting a platform marker will definitely trash any activity that uses said platforms.

    As the new editor TSRE is so easy to learn and use I leave it to the present users of the route to have their way with the route.

    There were several instances of phantom signals noted by users but these have no effect (they are permissives) on activity running except they show in the track monitor but there is no wayside signal shape, a phantom. No harm, no foul and presently I have no time to work the route
    I do not contemplate doing any more work on the PRR as I am deeply into the LIRR builld.

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    I plan to do some work on the Keystone Corridor, and that general area. I have noted some inaccuracies that are significant in places like Gap, Mt Joy, E-Town, Ronks, Bainbridge, Columbia, and the like. Will be fun I think to get my feet wet in the editor doing that. My biggest focus at the present will be Gap. I'm out there fairly often, so!

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    Can anyone provide their set up for Activity Editor to work in the OR install?
    Have tried various methods without success.

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    1. Copy the train.exe from your MSTS install over the one provided with the route.
    2. Create a shortcut to this train.exe
    3. Right click on it and select the last option named 'Properties'
    4. In the new window, search for the text box named "Path to file" or something similar. After the path (in quotes), type ' -toolset'
    5. Click Apply and then OK.
    6. You should now be able to start MSTS Editors and Tools from this shortcut. It will only be able to access the PRR install. For other OR installs, you'll need to use another instance of AE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by philabos View Post
    Can anyone provide their set up for Activity Editor to work in the OR install?
    Have tried various methods without success.

    I think you'll need more than just the train.exe ( like some .dll files, etc ) for the MSTS AE to work --- but hopefully one of the members with more MSTS experience than I have will see the thread and provide some advice.

    FYI, here's the command line instructions from the long vanished MSTS information site.
    If you have the memory, you might also add the mem switch to the mix
    -toolset -mem:2048

    ...and importantly ignore the path line example C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator\ --- you should not install in the protected programs folders.... most users simply install like this ( choosing whatever naming makes sense to you )
    C:\TrainSim\. Of course you will substitute your location for the PRR V2 ( hopefully not in the protected folders )
    By right clicking the MSTS icon on your desktop, you can alter the target by adding one of the following parameters, these are not mutually exclusive. Add the required switch(es) at the end of that path, outside the quotation marks, leaving a space between the path and each switch.
    OR do this
    1. Locate the "train.exe" inside the Train Simulator folder (c:\Program Files(x86)\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator\train.exe)
    2. Right click and choose Send to ..Desktop you can rename it if you like, so you can remember which one the parameter or "Switch" you added.
    3. Now 'Right click' on it and choose 'Properties', at the top you should see the reference line saying TARGET: "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator\train.exe"

    Correct syntax would be "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator\train.exe" -vm:w -mem:1536 (open in window with 1536 Mb memory allocated per Bin modification) ****note space after quotes and between switches****

    All these parameters can be used with MSTS Route Editor for troubleshooting and diagnostics
    "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator\train.exe"
    ...\train.exe" for playing train sim in full screen environment
    ...\train.exe" -mem:1536 for playing MSTS full-screen with memory allocation in megs per Bin modification
    ...\train.exe" -vm:w for playing MSTS in a window
    ...\train.exe" - perflogs for creating a performance log file in root directory of Train Sim
    ...\train.exe" -toolset opens msts editor

    ****NOTE: forwardslash used on following switches***** these are used AFTER any parameter switch containing a - minus

    ...\train.exe" /timeacceleration opens with time acceleration feature
    (Ctrl+T increases and Ctrl+Shift+T decreses time acceleration)
    ...\train.exe" /anisotropic activates anisotropic filtering if supported by 3D graphics card
    ...\train.exe" /fsaa activates full-scene anti-aliasing if supported. Adding this switch renders the view at a higher resolution and then samples it back down to the resolution you have chosen--it can slow down performance quite significantly but can also reduce jagged edges and improve the general appearance of the view.
    ...\train.exe" /fsaa /anisotropic activates both full-scene antialiasing and anisotropic filtering. Adding this switch improves the filtering used to render the textures, particularly on polygons that are almost perpendicular to the screen.

    Note: Be aware that by using a shortcut to train.exe you bypass any options selected in the Troubleshooting menu. If you need to reproduce the effect of these options you can add the following switches: all the parameters

    /forcemaskz -- Smoke displays in block form.
    /pixbias -- Text displays in block form.
    /maxtex:256-- Textures are distorted.
    /nofiltercab-- Seams are visible in cab cockpits.
    /ttfblitfix -- Text is distorted or not displayed.
    /skipsizecheck -- Skip texture size limit test.
    /skipbiascheck -- Skip pixel behavior text.
    /simpleclipping -- Snow causes game to crash or does not display.

    \train.exe" /fsaa /nofiltercab Depending on the precise implementation of full-scene anti-aliasing on your 3-D card you may see a seaming or tiling effect in the Cab views, in which case adding the switch /nofiltercab may help.

    -mem:2048 /fsaa /anisotropic /timeacceleration

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    Oh right, I forgot those, not using MSTS anymore...
    It's probably at least dialog.dll and string.dll that you'll need, and probably also some additional files like graphics from the GUI subfolder

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    Hi philabos,
    Doing as mmax45581 suggested, MSTS AE runs successfully - there is no need to copy any other files. I believe you will need to have MSTS correctly installed so that the required AE settings are accessible (in the Registry). Due to the size of the PRR-East route, AE runs very slowly/jerkily but, with patience, it is possible to create an activity! To prove it, I've just created a very short simple act and run it in OR.

    If the route has any OR-specific elements (eg operating turntables), AE might object!! I have NOT been able to test this condition (unless PRR-East contains such elements!).


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    You could use TSRE5 built-in Activity Editor which is totally compatible with OR. You would also need to create consists using OR Track Viewer.

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