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Thread: Placing Static CONs in the Route Editor.

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    Default Placing Static CONs in the Route Editor.

    Like the "great Guru" Vince Cockeram, I have been playing with GOKU's TSRE5 and "leaning" on him for consultations when needed.

    One thing we are not sure of is the "Place Consist" function in the ROUTE EDITOR...I am not talking about the separate Consist Editor used to build them.

    I dial up the TSRE program, then go to select the Activity (F4) menus that I want to work with. I find the consist off the list of available ones in the TRAINS folder. Go to Place consist, and jump to the Lat-Lon l;ocation I need, then Place the consist, and if necessary jiggle it around to a better location if it doesn't look right or blocks something I didn't think of.

    The plus of this Route Editor is you can place and work with a consist that you can see what and where it it, unlike the Kuju Activity Editor. The only down side is you have to know the Lat-Lon coordinates of where you want to be instead of scrolling along the track diagram. True you can still scroll and zoom over the territory but you have to set where you start otherwise you will scrolling for hours.

    Here comes the problem..........If I save what I placed, then go to another location, place a consist, save, and so on with 2 or 3 more consists........when I open the activity, any consist placed after the FIRST one is not there or recorded in the ACT file.

    HOWEVER, if I place the first consist, save and completely exit, then restart the whole program and process over again, place another consist, save and exit, and so on repeatedly, the static consists WILL all be recorded and appear in the activity.

    Iis there any fix, adjustment, cure or just deal with it to make this thing work?????

    Thanks for any assistance, as Vince was a little bogged down in his work, but hasn't been abl;e to work with "consists" in the Goku program, so wasn't sure how to do it.

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