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Thread: Activity Editor crashes Win7

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    Default Activity Editor crashes Win7

    I installed TS on my 64-bit Win7 system in folder 2MSTS per the Steamforme tutorial. All works ok except Activity Editor crashes. Not at once, but soon after. Sometimes I can make changes to an new activity, sometimes not. I get the standard MS warning to either close or check online, but to no avail. Close and restart, works ok for a bit, then.......... Worked fine before.

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    When I had that problem, it was related to a recently added rolling stock (or engine) failure. After I moved my recent additions out of to a temporary location, the problem went away. I then added the pieces back in one by one until it crashed again. That let me know which item was the culprit. I then fixed the offending item and problem solved. Hope that this helps you.
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