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Thread: "Default Stock" activities?

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    Default "Default Stock" activities?

    Hello guys...
    I feel like I may have asked this question in years past but I sadly can't recall the answer.

    I'm an "on again, off again" train sim player. I'll play around with MSTS/Open Rails for a few weeks with my free time, get bored, and by the time I come back to it, I've rotated through all the other stuff I have and months have past.

    I'm wondering if there's an easy repository of activities made that use only the default MSTS rolling stock either alone, or in combination with the rolling stock that shipped with addon routes?

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    Sounds like a good use of some generous donor's time. But hey, if you get your answers, you might want to bookmark it for the next time you drive around the block.

    Just between you and me, I've heard the odds of successful support improve dramatically, proportional to the level of patronage one gives our MSTS/OR vendors. Especially with today's level of details in current offerings, sorta makes the default stuff obsolete.

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    Actually, these days, I'd say the use of default stock should be mentioned as a warning. Unless it's been modified, the physics (and appearance) can be pretty poor. In the old days, when everybody had MSTS installed, activities with the default stock were included with all routes - everybody had MSTS, so it could be assumed available for object and stock purposes. IIRC a route with no activities would not show up in the pick list.

    That's no longer the case. MSTS has been off the market for years, and it can be hard to find a legitimate copy. Modern routes are usually (or at least often) done without using MSTS objects, so there's no reason to use default stock in the starter activity; just specify the download of some decent free stuff from the library here (or include it with the authors' permission). Pay routes, of course, have their own or licensed stuff. While to a first approximation most of the free routes here are old enough to require MSTS for objects (remember installme.bat files) and default trains, that requirement is starting to fade with Open Rails reaching generally usable (though still in fairly rapid development; like any good hobby, it's never finished) status, and routes and trains being designed for it instead of MSTS.

    The other thing to consider is that the file library here (and a couple of other places) is not a given forever. Sites go out of business (Mophouse was a particularly significant example). Libraries can become corrupted or hacked and lose things in the rebuild. And authors can withdraw things from circulation. So as far as possible I keep every download (zip or installer) I ever got (generally, you're allowed one backup under US law); never know if I might want to install something old and find that the trains it needs are no longer available anywhere.

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    On top of the more advanced quality of locomotives and rolling stock that are available today, there's also the fact that it's now easier then ever to simply swap out any give piece of rolling stock for another in a consist with the veritable Swiss Army Knife that is TSRE5.

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