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    Hello, so I am still learning how to place signals and get them to work. I am trying to build a route and have a KHS 2 Aspect signal placed on a side track before joining the mainline but no matter what the signal show's red. I followed a few tutorials on youtube so that I could place them right but still won't work. Can anyone help me get the signal to work properly? Also, after taking the screenshot I added a junction signal further up the line and it is not working either and just shows red. I will include a screenshot so you can see what I am talking about


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    Here are some more screenshots to show how I have placed my signals. No matter how I switch the tracks the signals just show red.

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    Signal links need to be placed forward of the junctions the signal is protecting, not to the rear.

    Also first link always goes next to the signal.
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    Here is a good playlist for learning all about signalling.

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