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Thread: How to align objects to track?

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    Jerry, Lukas A. Lusser has been working on the Mcoa2 fixing several issues. Are you guys working together on this project? It's got my attention for sure.


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    I don't know about Lukas working on the MCOA2, although he might be. He was interested in doing
    some more with the MCOA1. If he is, then I need to send him a copy of our current version. There
    are no really terrible things fixed and much of what we are finding does not appear in RE but does in
    TSRE or ORTS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by landnrailroader View Post
    Vince,You have just commented on something I wonder about. In my MCOA2 route, which we
    are tweaking a bit before releasing a V2, my checker has been on my case about this space between track & terrain. It is not noticeable in MSRE, which the route was done with, but quite noticeable in TSRE or ORTS. So just what do you mean by "F" Distance. J. H. Sullivan
    Hi Jerry,

    In MSRE if you turn off terrain collision and move camera at shallow angle to where terrain has been leveled via the 'Y' key there is a space, I eyeball estimate ~2 to 3cm.
    To answer your question, F distance shorthand for Y distance. The distance between the flat ballast and the terrain after using the MSRE Y key or the TSRE F key.
    I suppose could stand a piece of dynamic track vertically and get a very precise measurement. (my only use for Dyn Trk; A precision tape measure)
    There is a mix of TSRE & MSRE terrain leveling in the present route. If I can find time I'll do it as you have my curiosity up.

    It seems that in TSRE and Open Rails the terrain display is sharper/clearer.
    I never could get manual terrain forming in the MSRE.
    You remember the 'J' key? That you had to press to 'regenerate terrain shadows' when manually forming terrain. It was so hard to achieve a smooth transition.
    I offer this as an example of possibly why the terrain to track distance appears 'bigger' as we never had the shadow and terrain resolution now available with both Sim and Editor.

    . . . This is especially true if you are editing in TSRE without checking 'MSTS Shadows' in the Settings Menu (Top menu bar) as without the check every object is displayed with a pseudo dynamic shadow.
    Place that check mark and only objects that have an assigned dynamic shadow (and shadows enabled in settings.txt file in main tsre folder) will be displayed.
    Had me fooled at first too.

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    Thanks, I am still piddling with TSRE and likely won't lay track or roads with it,
    mainly because almost all of the future routes I have, already have all track,
    and some roads done.

    TSRE is a huge improvement, virtually light-years better than MSRE but at 80
    I am getting more stubborn at learning new tricks. By the way, if any of you
    happen to be out on the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic in New Mexico, between
    July 10 & July 20, you just might have me as the docent on your train. I'll
    be taking the training course starting July 8. That kind of thing is not new, I've
    been a car host on the New River train back in the 80s.

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    Hi Folks,

    One "advantage" to the little space between the ballast and terrain - is when you turn on "super elevation" in ORTS - it seems to give you a little room to super elevate the tracks without burying the inside edge of the curve in the terrain - not sure if that was part of the plan...


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