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    Default ConBuilder 2.4.7

    Since the thread has transitioned from Shape File management to ConBuilder ver 2.4.7 and because Ged's memory is like my initials (CRS=can't remember $hit) I decided to provide some comments and quotes from my email archives.

    First from my email archives.
    Subject: Memory Management:
    Email from Ged Jan 2019 "HiCharles,
    My apologies - a user advised me "
    Thereis a major bug in V2.4.7 memory management that was fixed in the V2.4.9 version.". I have asked if the original source of that report can be found. If therewas such a bug, I would have thought you'd be one of the first to know aboutit!
    Aftera quick search of the 'net, the only report I can find regarding"Conbuilder" and memory problems is not for our ConBuilder, but ASUSConnection Builder, which the poster had shortened!
    My reply : ????????? Never heard of such a thing. Over 150 users have downloaded the oneyou posted. Have any of them posted such a problem? When was itexperienced? Where did he get CB from? Who was this user?
    Connection Builder. Know about it. Years back I found a few of the pirate sites offering thePayware version of ConBuilder, but the file size was way different than ourZips. My guess was they were pirated Connection Builder.
    Reply form Ged Jan-2019: "Hi Charles,
    Thanks No, I've had no reports of any problems. The user I quoted said he read it on a GermanMSTS site, but couldn't remember which one, where or when. I have checked the Forum at andfound nothing; I've also checked the UKTS Forum, working back from whenConBuilder became payware (1 Oct 2006) and found no reports, although there'sno specific mention of v2.4.7.
    It seems that it will probably turn out to be "fakenews" as Mr Trump would say!!
    Joe says he has v2.4.8 so I'll wait until he comes backto me. I have requested that my uploadto be removed, but it's taking a long time! I was able to remove it from uktrainsim.commyself.
    I never understood why Ged had 2.4.7 removed from the file libraries. And I assume that Joe never followed up on providing 2.4.8 or 2.4.9. I do not have any installers from that era between 2.4.6 and 2.5.5. Don't know why I did not keep a 2.5.0, first Payware release.

    If there are those who still want to use 2.4.7 after reading the below ("Why I would not use CB ver 2.4.7") then I think Gedd should reupload it.

    Why I would not use CB ver 2.4.7

    My reason is best explained in the post I made back in 2016 titled "Attention Activity Creators" see
    Read that post before continuing.
    Actually this problem applies to anyone creating/editing activities or consists using any freeware version of ConBuilder and then expecting the edited items to run in MSTS as originally intended.

    Why I would use ConBuilder ver 2.4.7 if I did not have the current Payware version.

    As mentioned by Geepster in the Shape File Manager 25, the testing tools of ConBuilder are still useful.

    However, as the use of the Include statement becomes more prevalent to implement ORTS loco physics it will become less and less useful and will report more and more false errors. One of the minor reasons I decided to leave the ConBuilder Team was that Joe had made no effort to modify ConBuilder's testing tools to account for both the Include statements and the use of a second ENG file in the OpenRails subfolder within the Engine folders.

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    Hi Charles,
    Many thanks for consolidating everything into one post - it's most useful

    You are correct that Joe didn't come back with either v2.4.8 or v2.4.9, so I assumed he didn't have the full installer/s. Robert (NW 2156) and I have put out requests to see if anybody can provide us with v2.4.9. I'll give it a few days, and if nothing is forth-coming, I'll re-upload v2.4.7.


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    Does OR use the Consist MaxVelocity line?

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    When I asked a long time ago the ORTS team said no. But later something was posted on ET that sounded like it did.

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    Default ConBuilder v2.4.9

    Hi All,
    ConBuilder v2.4.9 is now available from the file library as It is also available from the UKTS library as UKTS_38868.

    My thanks to Joe Smith and Charles Stagg, among others, for making this upload possible.


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