I know a switch for me, but as I defrag my drive with the Blue Comet Line Upgrade for ORTS I been working on. I figure I would run Minerman's work of art and to me the only route for TS worth running. OK I am bias because this line was a hometown route for me along with the NYSW's Passaic Branch. So I did a little switching down at Royce Chemical on the Carlton Hill Branch.

The branch of the EL was unique. It actually is the remnants of the former original Erie Main Line. After the 1963 realignment of the main, the .7 mile remains of the line in Bergen County became what locals called "The Hill". It runs from Bergen Junction (Where the Main Line & Bergen County Line use to split in Rutherford to the East Bank of the Passaic River (Where the main line would cross the river via "BE" Drawbridge into Passaic Park & Downtown Passaic.)

The branch would have 4 commuter train per day until 1967 (2 to Hoboken & 2 from Hoboken). The station was later taken down by late 1968. The main customer on the line was Royce Chemical until Conrail days of late 1983. Along with Standard Bleachery Co. the line survived an active status until the late 1980's. Into the 1990's the tracks at times stored MOW equipment at times but mostly became overgrown with nature. Most of the rails are still in place with nice size oaks & maples growing between the ties. Hard to believe that back in April 1963 track speeds were 50 MPH to Carlton Ave then speed reduced to 25 across "BE" Draw. When I first started rail fanning the branch in 1975, track speed was 35 to 25, then by Conrail in 1985, it was yard Limit speed of 15 MPH.

The tracks are now owned by NS with talks of selling it to become a rail-trail from Montross Ave to the Passaic River but those talks have been in limbo for years.

Here is a little switching down at Royce & thanks Minerman for the best route for TS !