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Thread: New Haven DER-2s at Work

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    Default New Haven DER-2s at Work

    The New Haven RR was one of the earliest Class One railroads to fully eliminate steam, relying heavily on Alco products to help do so. These images capture an A-B-A set of Alco FA-1/FB-1 units (New Haven class DER-2a and DER-2b, DER='Diesel Electric Road') wearing their 1947 'warm orange/gray pinstripe' delivery paint scheme as they handle a lengthy freight consist at an undocumented location. The DER-2 class (logically enough) followed the DER-1 (Alco DL-109) to become the second diesel-electric road locomotive joining the New Haven roster.

    - Activity inspired in part by content from: 'New Haven Diesel Locomotives Vol. 1' by R. A. Liljestrand & D. R. Sweetland

    Locos: BLW/ZT ... Consist: TrainSim F/L + BLW/ZT + Beta Test Boxcar Set ... Route: L&HR/1940s

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    A lot of nice shots, with one of my favorite NH paint schemes!!!!

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    Nice shots but every time I see the excellent stock available for the New Haven I wish we had a first generation NH route from NY to NH and perhaps up to Danbury?

    Great as the L&HR 1940s is it's hardly a sub for the 4 track electrified sections and all the traffic and acts that would enable?

    At least we have some excellent New England routes now but the New Haven was SPECIAL wasn't it?
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    The New Haven was indeed special, as was it's catenery. I don't think that anybody else used the 'tri-angular' form, not just in the US but in the world. Then, of course, the motive power was all unique.........

    I'd also love to see an early 50's rendition of the route (and I suspect that a certain R Franzosa, and others, would join us in that).

    We can but hope.
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    I enjoyed this one. Yes, a New Haven route . . . . !

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