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    A collection of nine piece of used maintenance equipment operated by the FJ&G in the late 1970s and early 80s. Set includes three flatcars, a double track snowplow, Jordan spreader,and flanger (with passenger view), and a drivable Model 15 Burro crane.

    Paul :-)

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    Fantastic !!
    there are still some similar ones operating in my country.

    Model 15 Burro crane.

    Chimbica Dash8

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    I remember growing up on the B&O Georgetown Branch outside Washington DC. For a time we saw work trains with a burro crane on a flatcar, backeted by gondolas it was using to load up scrap from along the right of way. Probably would have been more efficient to dispense with the train crew and have the burro crane haul the gondolas directly!

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