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Thread: ORTS on a M$ Surface Pro

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    Default ORTS on a M$ Surface Pro

    OOPS title should be Surface Go not Surface Pro.

    Recently purchased an Surface GO tablet/laptop. Got the 8GB ram 128GB SSD model. Added a 400GB MicroSD for a second drive.

    Did not buy it for running train-sims but decided to see if it would. Installed ORTS on the SD card drive. Copied a Mini-install from my desktop PC to the SD card. Runs fine.

    Other specs:
    Processor = Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU 4415Y @ 1.60GHz (4 threads, 2 cores, 1.6 GHz) (L1 Cache 128 KB) (L2 Cache 512 KB) (L3 Cache 2048 KB)
    Memory = 7.9 GB
    Video = Intel(R) HD Graphics 615 (1.0 GB RAM) (igdkmd64
    Display = \\.\DISPLAY1 (1800 x 1200, 32-bit, primary, 0 x 0)
    Sound = Realtek High Definition Audio(SST) (rtkvhd64
    Sound = Intel(R) Display Audio (intcdaud
    Disk = C: (Local Fixed Disk, NTFS, 117.9 GB, 82.3 GB free)
    Disk = D: (Removable Disk, NTFS, 366.8 GB, 357.0 GB free)
    OS = Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0.17134)

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    That's cool Charles, who-da thunk it!
    Cheers, Gerry
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    I'd be curious to know what the frame rate is. Intel built-in graphics are not known for doing well with OR. OTOH, the latest CPUs might have a bit more grunt that the older ones.

    For comparison, using the free Scenic Sub starter route in OR, my 10-year-old laptop (2.5ghz i5, 4gb RAM, SSD, Intel graphics) runs at 10-15 fps reported by OR (though mostly playable). Some spots drag down to 10 or less and at that point I have to save, kill the run, restart OR, and continue. By contrast, I have a 15-yr-old desktop (3ghz Core2 Extreme, 8gb RAM, SSD, GTX 750ti) that manages 55-60 fps reported by OR on the same route and activity. Both running Win10 64-bit (Pro in the desktop, Home in the laptop). I consider the difference to be primarily the GPU. Given the difference in CPU generations, the Surface should easily beat my old laptop despite the slower clock; does it beat the nVidia card?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeebb View Post
    Intel built-in graphics are not known for doing well with OR. OTOH, the latest CPUs might have a bit more grunt that the older ones.
    Comparing 10-year-old Intel graphics with 2018 Intel gpu isn't very realistic. At my shop we've found modern Intel on-board video (GPU, not CPU) to be greatly improved, probably equal to mid-range ATI/AMD video cards. FPS test results in OR with newer Intel would be interesting to see.
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