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    Does MSTS run on a Windows ten computer? Trying to get a hold of a copy and begin operating the Monon. Any suggestions on where to find a copy for decently cheap?

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    Hi kallbright587,
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    First, the good news - yes, MSTS does run on a Windows 10 PC, provided you follow the installation instructions here : AND you are using an NVIDIA graphics card. **

    Secondly, to find a copy of MSTS, you need to look at Amazon or EBay - it's very unlikely that you'll find a new copy! Alternatively, you could post a request in the Items Wanted Forum - with members switching to other train sims, you might find somebody wanted to dispose of their copy.

    If you wish to run the Monon, or any other large, route, you'd do better to use Open Rails. Some routes require to use files from a default MSTS installation, so it needs to be installed, but doesn't have to be runnable.

    ** It has been reported that AMD graphics cards using the latest drivers CAN run MSTS, but I haven't been able to verify it yet.

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    +1 on using Open Rails to run the Monon.

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