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Thread: Creating The Next Days Activity

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    Default Creating The Next Days Activity

    Hi All,

    I'm about to start creating activities for the FJ&Gv2 route, I was wondering if there was any way to use the last save from completing the first day's activity to help crate the start of the second day's activity, and so on.

    The save at the end of the first day would keep all the cars you spotted during that activity, to create the next day's activity you would remove the cars you left to be picked up at the interchange, and add the cars that were dropped off at the interchange. I don't think there would be anything else that you would need to do other then making up a work order for the next day.

    I'm not sure what file you would need to open to get the information out of the last save or what program you would need to open the file. I'm hoping someone else would have an idea.

    Paul :-)

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    Hi Paul,

    I dont want to intrude in your thread, but i am very interested by it. I hope someone will give a clue on how to do it....


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