I've always liked the FM Trainmaster. A pretty functional looking piece of kit, thought "ahead of it's time" it none the less served several roads and particularly hauling commuter traffic. SO having recently re-installed the Blue Comet Line, and also inspired by recent work on CNJ new stock I decided to have a go at reskinning the N&W model in the library.

ALAS my efforts seem thwarted by existing issues with the model. I've had them downloaded for ages but never actually ran them in the Sim. BTW we're talking MSTS AND OR here. The same faults apply equally in either.

1st the cabview included: This, whilst somewhat dated, is adequate BUT the needles are out of alignment with the dials

2nd the PHYSICS: I created a consist using the CNJ commuter cars (zt_cnj_hw.zip) and with only 4 cars the loco seemed somewhat sluggish in acceleration for such a powerful loco.

3rd the braking: When I tried to stop for a local station the consist overshot completely! It's as if the physics are set to replicate the braking that might be encountered hauling a long and heavy freight consist!!! Commuter trains, even loco hauled ones, were capable of rapid acceleration and equally rapid and precise braking.

....so all in all my efforts at reskinning seem pointless unless those issues can be fixed. Not something I have any skill at, and that's before we get into the MSTS v OR physics debate.

If anyone cares to have a look at them I'd love to test out any fixes. Probably best to go for the OR version now?

BTW nice sound with this model but we really could use a state of the art model of a lot of the FM catalogue as the models that exist (which BTW are pretty good) are looking rather dated alongside newer models now.

I've attached some screengrabs of efforts. The way the original model is skinned does not allow me to show the CNJ logo on the cab sides correctly. This comparatively bare livery adorned several of CNJ's Trainmasters although some had the more familiar stripes.

click to enlarge-

CNJ Trainmaster 1.jpg CNJ Trainmaster 2.jpg CNJ Trainmaster 3.jpg