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Thread: How can I decode an activity?

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    Default How can I decode an activity?

    Hi, I am rather new to MSTS. What I would like to do is, take an activity I am having trouble solving and investigate it under Activity Editor, or something better? I mean, can I determine what the activity author intended the player to actually do to complete the activity? Then, once I know what I am SUPPOSED to do, I can practice until I can master it. I have copied a couple activities to lengthen the time so I can master speed control as a "trainer". I can then try to match proposed activity time frame. At this time I only do freight activities. I have several Maple Leaf routes, that I purchased. (I am Canadian, eh)

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    That's always been a problem with the way Microsoft set up activities. I learned from the default routes provided by MSTS that you might be able to spot all the cars in the right places, and make the correct lifts, but in MSTS if you do not do them in the order the author did, you get a message at the in claiming the activity is not complete, or, in some cases you will even get stuck with a speed restriction going back to the starting point. I don't think there is anything you can do about that.

    When I make activities I do not fill out the worksheet for the activity, rather I provide a work order that can be printed out with all the lifts and set-offs for the activity. I don't care what order they were done, just that at the end of the activities that all the work was completed. You'll probably still get that nasty message at the end saying it's incomplete but we know that's just another thing Microsoft get wrong!

    Paul :-)

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    One activity, Central Pickups, I built for the Long Island Rail Road but it is only valid for Open Rails. Autopilot Mode being used as a training method for a new driver/engineer!

    The activity is for the player to run to about 10 different sidings and pick up the cars there.
    It's a rather complicated path, easy to get lost in the route when using MSTS.
    But in Open Rails there is an Autopilot Mode. The braking and acceleration rates are NOT prototypical but serve only as a training to a player as to where he must travel to complete the activity.

    In Open Rails Autopilot Mode the Sim performs all the actions needed to complete this particular activity, picking up and coupling to all the required cars on the sidings and then moving the completed train to the yards.

    Autopilot Mode used as prototypical train movements no, especially passenger runs!
    But it sure is a valuable training tool for the player on an unfamiliar route. And no, I don't know how to get AP Mode to set out cars.

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    Default Thanks for your replies

    Thanks for responding.
    At least I now understand that there is no easy way to figure them out other than by doing. I may try delving into the editors again to see if I can see how they are triggered, with known examples. As an example, I spent several hours doing one on Michigan Iron Ore. I tried three different ways to get to the same blocking stop light. I then read a review that vaguely referenced another way. I plugged along and it finally allowed me to pass. It can be like solving a puzzle some times.
    In the long run, I know I am getting my "entertainment value" out of the cost of the routes.
    As I am retired, I can sneak some time in when time allows. Too bad I didn't pick this up years ago, but I likely didn't have the spare time to devote to it then, either.

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