As I have attained the age of 80, and most of my ancestors didn't make it past
88, although my father made it to 96, it is not likely that many of the routes in
my bucket list will ever be done.

Therefore, I am wondering if there would be any interest on the part of experienced
route creators to flesh out & detail routes for which I have done the track and most
roads as well as providing most bridges & track related details. I think most of you
have my routes, especially those from the RMD-1 (RMD-EAST) and later will agree
that I do the track well. This is because I was manager of track inspection on the
Southern Railway from 6/67 to 8/78.

The routes I already have taken to this level are the Big Sandy South, (C&O/CSX)
which includes all coal branches south of Paintsville, KY. and the Milwaukee Rd.
Great Falls Line. (electrified at the east end, Harlowton yard area) These routes
would require more roads.

Other routes for which I have researched the details, created the route & did
the terrain generation but need track & roads:

Eastern Kentucky (L&N/CSX)
Camas Prairie
MRS Logistica Steel Route (Brazil, Ore Hauler)
MRS Logistica Port connection (Brazil, Ore Hauler)

Other routes:
Clinch - Appalachia -- NS in the southwest VA & KY coal fields.
Milwaukee Road Rocky Mtn. Div. (non-electrified, Harlowton to Miles City)
Milwaukee Road Aberdeen Div. (Miles City, MT to Mobridge, SD)

J. H. Sullivan
(aka landnrailroader)