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Thread: Thinking of Getting into Train-sims. Recommendations Please?

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    Default Thinking of Getting into Train-sims. Recommendations Please?

    Hello everyone,

    Basically what it says in the title. I'm looking for a train simulator that has a lot of UK routes, particularly Northern routes around the Greater Manchester area.

    Must have acceptable graphics, so nothing ancient please.

    I have an i5 8400 and GTX 1060 6GB so I should be able to run most sims.

    Don't mind paying for some DLC but would prefer a sim with a strong modding community.

    Any suggestions please?


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    Start with Open Rails - the BNSF Scenic's demo has everything you need in one simple installer pack - I'm not familiar with the other demo they offer - so you can be testing it in minutes - it's Open Source and completely free... It also has the best Steam Locomotive physics of any sim - period - if you're at all interested in that thing...

    Open Rails

    Example Video:

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    Or investigate either of DTG's products on Steam - their main TS which started out as Rail Sim in 2007 then became Railworks offers numerous UK routes albeit mostly payware but is pretty much plug and play. Or the newer Train Sim World though the routes tend to be shorter and (as of now) no way to add your own content. In terms of Manchester, TSW has the Transpennine route from Victoria across to Leeds, set in the early 80's. Their TS product has Liverpool to Manchester and Manchester to Sheffield via Woodhead. Also IMHO the two best routes in any of the sims - Keith Ross' WCML pair from Carlisle to Glasgow and Preston to Carlisle, complete with Class 86's and Class 87's which require mastery of the tap changer control system.

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