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Thread: Activity Editor Stops Responding

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Swagger View Post
    I Will Tell You When And Where The AE Crashes....
    1] I Opened My Act In MSTS edior&Tools....{ it takes 4-6 seconds to load The Act. }
    2] Then I Go to the "Traffic Pattern" Section { Bottom Right Area Of MSTS Edior & Tools } And Then I Select My Act's Traffic Pattern Then I Select The " Edit " Option ..
    3] After selecting "Edit" Option The Traffic pattern of MY Act Opens .... And Then I Click " NEW " option [ Located Just Below The " Select Service" Option ] And Just After It MSTS edior & Tools Crashes...

    Note; I Haven't Installed MSTS in Its Default Location .. I Have Installed It In Local Disk "e"
    Well that also opens the Service Editor. Every time the Service Editor is opened the AE reads the Trainset database and reports errors. Sounds like you have errors, such as typographical errors, in the ENG, WAG and/or CON files. By typographical errors I mean KN written for MaxPower. KN = Force not Power. Should be KW not KN. Or the Activity is calling for rolling stock that you do not have. There could be so many errors that the buffer space set aside too store the errors is overloaded.

    So back to my unanswered question.
    Have you tested all the ENGs, WAGs and consists in your Trainset with programs like ConBuilder and Convoi? And if so have you corrected all known errors? Critical errors in ENGs and WAGs will cause this sort of crash with no error message.

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    Answering Your Question ... I Have Checked All ENG &WAG &CON files There are No Errors

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