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Thread: Musings of an experienced route builder

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    Default Musings of an experienced route builder


    I used to fret a lot about what might happen rebuilding a track or road database etc. but as I get more
    experienced, I find it is less necessary to rebuild databases if one is careful and if I do rebuild a database
    it is almost normal for it to fail a time or two.

    So when I am laying track or roads, I have got so I do not worry much about file boundaries. I'll
    try to make sure that a join point is inside a tile boundary, preferably 10 meters or so but if I am trying
    for accuracy it may be less. I try to avoid using 0.2M pieces or smaller because these are sometimes
    missed in a rebuild. And I find that roads are a bigger problem than tracks.

    So if a rebuild fails?? Well rebuilds will always stop on the tile that has the failure, so make a note of
    the tile parameters. Then jump to that tile and look for a blue pole which usually indicates the
    problem. IF the issue is a join point too close to a tile boundary, then make a note of which track
    piece(s) is involved and the gradient value. Delete the offending piece and try again. This may
    happen once or twice, or even several times in a route. You may also find a spot that cannot be
    fixed to allow a successful rebuild. In that case, replace the offending piece as one of your last
    acts before releasing the route and in that case, point out that a rebuild will not work unless this
    piece is deleted.

    Above else, it is not necessary to pull out your hair or perform any other act of frustration.

    J. H. Sullivan
    (aka landnrailroader)

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    I typically avoid three things when placing tracks:

    1. 0.2m pieces,
    2. A single track piece crossing two tile boundaries, and
    3. Switches rossing tile boundaries.

    Then there is the obvious not modifying track vectors that have interactives on it

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    I agree about the 0.2M pieces but sometimes they cannot be avoided. For example, I use a lot of "M"
    track pieces, especially the #15 turnouts & crossovers. Some routes in my queue will also use #20
    items. But Markyhams did not provide #10 turnouts, especially manual ones, so what to do.

    Well there is a good item from X-tracks in the Pnt10D150R turnouts. I have found out that a weird
    combination of small pieces allows these to fit perfectly.

    Take the right-hand turnout. On the curve side, use 3 .3M pieces, and while a 1M piece might
    work the visual effect is not good. On the curve side use a 120R10D piece instead of the usual
    150R10D. Then on the straight side use 2.6M + 1.5M + 15M pieces. Oddly, if you do the
    left-hand turnout, the dimensions must be slightly different, because I had to use .3 + .3 +
    .44 pieces to avoid a visual gap.

    I just wish that we had a way to only list available pieces rather than all track, whether it is
    actually installed or not. Somewhat disconcerting to select what one is sure will do the
    job, and find it is not available.

    J. H. Sullivan

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    RouteRiter can create a custom tsection.dat file using only your installed track shapes.

    What would the dimensions of a #10 turnout have?

    Union Pacific has specifications for this turnout at

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