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Thread: New Spawn Points

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    RTFM the document InteractingWithAITrainCrews.pdf and use the magic key LShift-F2 to open the AI menu provides all the information and settings to the AI generation.

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    Yeah the best way to get around it is as suggested run the train off to the latest dead end track. You can also fleet the signals in 1 direction to the end of the actual map and ignore them. For example I'm simulation the UP at Mojave right now so I am going to get the new spawn point at Sanborn siding active. So to get the BNSF out of the system simply fleet the EB mainline signals from Sanborn main to Edwards siding. You can then have those AI trains run down Edward's AFB leads and they will delete themselves.

    There are trickier ones that may take another route. Highland for example on UP NB works great as is, but if you happen to have Cajon Sub you'll need to route it a couple sidings down the main before you get that spur will they will disappear.

    Finally you have to set up trains to spawn at the points you want in the tool mentioned above.

    Last night's video I was playing around with that very topic on my YouTube channel. It's dark but that is what 24 hours of clock looks like.

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