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    Is there an overview map that shows all the routes available for MSTS?

    I realize this would be a huge project.

    Take care.
    ~ Calvin

    "Some say, "There is no such thing as a stupid question." Hmm... maybe so, but you will have to put up with my stupid questions until I learn to ask intelligent ones." ~ C.J.W.

    A word to the wise... I recently lost 10 yrs of data because both my PC and my ext. backup hard drive failed at roughly the same time. I will be mirroring three or more storage drives going forward. It will cost a fraction of the almost $2K for professional clean room recovery.

    I realize there must be voluminous tomes of information on this and other trainsim websites. I am not being lazy and will do what research I can when able. Short-Term Memory Loss and getting confused presents a difficult challenge. I can follow "checklists" okay, but I get very confused very quickly when trying to amass multi-matrix information like multiple posts in multiple threads on multiple websites. I hope this makes sense? I am very grateful for all guidance.

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