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Thread: Are There Any Very Long Not-Linked Routes

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    What I mean by the title is are there routes which are not linked as one MSTS route, but several separate routes which terminate at the same location another starts. An example might be something like...
    1. San Antonio - Dallas
    2. Dallas - St. Louis
    3. St. Louis - Chicago
    4. Chicago - Columbus
    5. Columbus - Pittsburgh
    6. Pittsburgh - ????

    Does this make sense?

    FYI - I have done some extensive researches, but have ended up with zilch, so I thought I would seek the community's extensive experience.

    ~ Calvin

    "Some say, "There is no such thing as a stupid question." Hmm... maybe so, but you will have to put up with my stupid questions until I learn to ask intelligent ones." ~ C.J.W.

    A word to the wise... I recently lost 10 yrs of data because both my PC and my ext. backup hard drive failed at roughly the same time. I will be mirroring three or more storage drives going forward. It will cost a fraction of the almost $2K for professional clean room recovery.

    I realize there must be voluminous tomes of information on this and other trainsim websites. I am not being lazy and will do what research I can when able. Short-Term Memory Loss and getting confused presents a difficult challenge. I can follow "checklists" okay, but I get very confused very quickly when trying to amass multi-matrix information like multiple posts in multiple threads on multiple websites. I hope this makes sense? I am very grateful for all guidance.

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    In case anyone else is interested in this subject I am going to see if I can "build" my own non-contiguous route(s). I am going to start with Chicago (Illinois USA) depot and see what spiders out.

    ~ Calvin

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    Anything you work on with Chicago certainly has my interest! Good luck with your project

    Here at home, in the railroad mayhem capital of the world.

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    Long routes that come to mind (if I am understanding your criteria):

    The Santa Fe from Los Angeles to Chicago has been done by Bob Wirth as a series of separate routes.

    The Milwaukee Road coast division has a series of separate routes that cover Montana all the way to Seattle (and under construction is east all the way to Miles City).

    Connecting in Chicago is the Monon which goes from Chicago to Louisville and Indianapolis. One route, very big. Different railroad from Santa Fe though.

    Much of the BN across the Cascades has been done in several routes.

    SP has Cascades Crossing, adjacent to the siskoui (sp?) route Then the Redding CA route. Then Dave Nelson's under construction Cal-P west of Sacramento.

    There is the very large Pennsylvania Railroad eastern region from Pittsburgh to New York and Washington to new York and many secondary routes including to Atlantic City. One large route. Connecting in New York is the Metro North line to New Haven (different era) and the CNJ South Jersey roue of the Blue Comet and the Long Island Railroad. Connecting in Washington DC is the RF&P.

    The B&M is represented by a whole number of routes. Paul Charland's Conn River line connects to the Springfield Terminal and the under construction Green Mountain RR. In White River Junction and Claremont Jct it connects with a route that connects those two points to Concord. Another route covers Concord north into the White Mountains. Another to Boston. This connects with a Boston - Portland route. This connects with the under construction MEC Mountain Division.

    I believe there are a bunch of Canadian route connections too.


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    For the Bob Wirth group of routes covering the ATSF transcons (both ways over the Rockies), don't forget all the connections:
    Cajon Pass Barstow-LA or San Bernardino (Patrick Wise CP - older era, CP4.1 - modern 3-track main, including UP line Colton-Mojave, Cajon Pass High Desert by 3DTrainstuff - old but includes Colton-Mojave and BNSF Mojave-Barstow); in LA, Surfliner (original LA-SD older era, Surfliner 2 SLO-SD modern era); in Mojave, 3DTrainstuff's Tehachapi Pass; in Barstow, UP Cima Sub; near Williams, Grand Canyon RR, and BNSF Phoenix Sub; near Emporia KS, Howard Sub; near Chicago, the semi-fictional Chicagoland; and thanks to the new La Junta Sub extending to Pueblo CO all the Colorado routes are now connected: Tennessee Pass-Glenwood Springs Grand Junction-Transimulations' Green River Sub, Joint Line to Denver, Rollins Pass/Moffat Tunnel, and the gaggle of (mostly narrow gauge) lines in the Rockies.

    Somebody once upon a time was going to try to combine all of the southern Transcon routes into one megaroute. They were never heard from again...

    Then there's other stuff. There's a very nice, if short, Cuesta Pass line at Elvas Tower that connects with Surfliner 2 at SLO. The New England area routes have already been mentioned - Boston fans, don't forget the old MBTA and Cape Cod routes here. There's a nicely done California Western (Skunk Train) route at Elvas Tower that connects with the North Coast (NWP) line in the f/l here at Willits (n.b might be nice to get a southern NWP route from Marin to Ukiah...).

    On the seen-screenshots-lusting-after list, there's the Coast line from SLO to San Jose and Dave's Cal-P from Oakland to Sacramento. If Dave could get at least across the river east of Sacramento, he could connect with the Roseville Sub route in the f/l here and on to Sparks (or maybe somebody with far better skill and luck than the rest of us could extend the Roseville Sub route to Sacramento?).

    On the Northern BNSF Transcon, there are of course multiple renditions of Marias Pass, the connecting (near Shelby) Sweetgrass Sub, the Whitefish line west to about Sandpoint ID; then a hole between Sandpoint and Spokane, and Spokane to near Wenatchee, with the Scenic Sub (old in the f/l, better quality from Trainsimulations) picking up west of Wenatchee. There's also an old Lakeside Sub route (Spokane-Pasco) in the f/l. Maybe somebody will do the Funnel someday, and/or something east of Shelby, and/or the Cascade line south from Seattle.
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