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Thread: Intermodal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lateagain View Post
    Well that's me disappointed again.... There I was, hopes all raised, hoping that "Intermodal" (Yes Pete I thought it had all been done too!) might mean that the one BIG gap in this traffic would at last be filled.

    What gap? Well the earliest incarnations of TOFC with trailers from that era. As far as I know there's only one model anything like that and that's the models from BLLW? It would be nice to have some freeware models that can be reskinned and shared. Back in those days there was also graffiti but only done in chalk or wiping away the road dust and grime.

    If I missed some models a link would be greatly appreciated

    What about these freeware repaints done by Rick Franzosa?

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    I even did this weird thing...

    Though, I see what you mean... The old "streamlined" 50's short beds... not many options there that I know of.
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