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Thread: seeking graphics card advice

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    It's mostly the modern graphics cards that are consuming power -- which makes sense, really, since they're "computers" all to themselves with massively parallel CPUs.

    I run a 650W power supply in a fairly beefy "gaming" PC I built for flightsims and other things. That's more than enough to run the overclocked CPU, liquid cooler, and mechanical hard drives. I could use a lower-rated PSU, except that I also want to run a modern graphics card, and that's what can push the power consumption up when it kicks into high gear.

    I have a "gaming" laptop that uses a full GTX1060 graphics chipset (not the reduced-power "Max-Q" series) that gets by with a 180W brick. It's CPU isn't as fast as the one in the desktop, though, and it uses a combination of SSD and hybrid SSD-mechanical hard drives for lower power consumption. It's probably possible to build a full-feature "gaming" computer by carefully choosing components; it's been done in micro-ATX and mini-ITX form factors -- they can get away with 500W or less power supplies by carefully choosing the outboard components and by sticking with CPU's that might not be the ultimate speed champions but are still fast enough to do heavy lifting. It's just not necessarily a big area for mass-marketing.


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    Quote Originally Posted by agentatascadero View Post
    Here's my problem: the PCI-e slot in the mother board has died. the old graphics card: Nvidia GeForce 9400 GT I GB of Ram.

    The repair guy suggests this in a PCI slot: Nvidia GeForce FX5500 250MB of Ram.
    Quote Originally Posted by agentatascadero
    OK, here's the follow up report......the card described above arrived from China, made my first runs last night. It appears everything is functioning properly, though I only tried a few routes....both pay and free ware. The card itself seems to be the only "issue"......movement, once smooth with the old card, is now jerky, especially close to the "camera". I'm already finding myself focusing my eyes further out to avoid the jerkyness.
    No surprise that your new card is slower. FX5500 was released in 2003y but your "old" 9400 comes from 2007y. Sometimes four years is like ages for computer parts.
    Both cards and other similar can be found for just 2$ on the internet, or even free in real life.

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    Goku, The 9400 was not the problem, it was the slot that died, thus requiring a new motherboard in order to have a slot for the 9400 to fit into. The 5500 was the best he could find that would fit in the available slot. Thus, the step backward in graphics ability. Still thinking a out whether to try to find a new motherboard, which I believe to be the last "fix" possible for my old machine.


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