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Thread: Open Rails Graphics Question please?

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    Default Open Rails Graphics Question please?

    Hi everybody, me yet again.

    Not sure whether this is an Open Rails, MSTS Problem or one of my own.

    The GUI Screens, Track Monitor, Next Station and Switch window Displays work perfectly well both in PRR EAST v2 and MONON 2.17.

    However, when tried in Dorset Coast or Thames Mersey Routes, If there not Displayed when selected from the Cab Starting screen when it appears they don't appear at all. Any ammount of pressing F6 key does nothing at all.

    I have tried altering the Graphics settings but this doesn't work

    One of the reasons when trying Open Rails for the First time was how Clear the Station/Siding names were.

    A while ago I decided I needed Reading Glasses but after a while realised that I only needed to use them for MSTS, not required for reading anything else.

    The problem is because Open Rails uses it's own GUI Screens my own GUI Screens no longer Display in Open Rails either although these work OK when run in MSTS but don't realy want to use Both.

    Really hope this makes sense?



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    Hi Paul,
    Sorry, mate, but it doesn't make sense!!

    First of all, to bring up the Track Monitor, you press <F4>, for Next Station, it's <F10> and for Switch Display, it's <F8>. In MSTS, you can set them to appear automatically by clicking their boxes in the Options screen. <F6> is only used for the Station/Siding names display.

    By your "own GUI Screens", do you mean Driver Aids? If so, you can't (as far as I know) use your own in Open Rails because they are are part of MSTS.


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    If I understand your question, the DRIVER AIDS (Track Monitor, Switch Display, Station and Car names) for MSTS and OR are entirely separate. Any customization you've done to the MSTS ones, do not apply to OR ones. You only have limited option to change the OR Driver Aids as they are controlled directly by the OR program.

    Hope this helps.
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