So yesterday I fired up MSTS RE after ages on a rather modern machine and attempted to modify a busy tile.

After doing some edits, I proceeded to attempt a save only to have RE crash on me in the save process. Instinctively I checked the world files and tdb and lo and behold, the entire tile .w got wiped out

Fortunately the .bk was viable and restored. Some interactives were lost but overall not a total disaster.

I guess this is more of a reminder to be very careful when working between both editors. I had forgotten the capricious nature of MSTS RE and received a rude shock which could have been catastrophic.

On a side note, the only reason I was experimenting back with MSTS RE is due to the tdb errors I am noticing with TSRE when laying new interactives (signals and platforms). Tritemrefs constantly get out of sync. It could be something inherently flawed in the route but I don't see the issues with MSTS RE laid interactives