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Thread: Tom Fawell, the EMD artist, has passed on.

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    Default Tom Fawell, the EMD artist, has passed on.

    On June 28, Tom Fawell. He created some of the most wonderful artwork ever used in EMD ads.

    Facebook Page:*F

    Trains Article:

    In the word of Rick Mako, "For a generation and then some, your work was the face of the Horsepower Race, and it left little to imagine that EMD was at the forefront. Yours was the style that could reach into hearts and make a bold statement; the older ones, weary from the loss of the beloved steam locomotive were suddenly revitalized at terms such as “Second Generation.” And the young were just WOWed."

    Even thought I was born long after the ads had been published, I was one of those wowed.

    Thanks Tom Fawell, you made me realize diesel locomotives are awesome. May you have a fast track and green light into heaven, just like the locomotives you helped sell.
    Parker B. - A Misplaced Midwesterner.

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    Nicely worded, Parker.

    Here at home, in the railroad mayhem capital of the world.

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    One of the early releases on the CNW Harvard route has an Easter Egg with one of Fawell's ad's in it:

    Capture- 20190717-0594.jpg

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    Wow - That looks like an early release from Dekosoft!

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