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Thread: Are there any significant improvements in AI since TS2010 ?

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    Default Are there any significant improvements in AI since TS2010 ?


    are there any significant improvements since TS2010 in the way autonomous trains (AI) run?

    I bought TANE on sale recently (see me recent post). I have started a few test scenarios. So far it seems that AI (and signaling and junctions) are pretty well the same as in TS2010.

    The scenario I have been playing with is a double-track main with a single track line branching off. The problem is with AI trains using the cross-over to go to the branch.

    The smaller problem is that AI trains sometimes stop at the absolute and take a long time to find the route to the branch, even though the "via" marker is right at the start of the branch.

    But the bigger problem is that the branch switch (the 3rd switch in the route) is not locked until the train is past the absolute signal. This can lead to stalemates or collisions. BTW, I really like to TANE shows a lock above the switch.



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    Roger - unfortunately this is one aspect of the game N3V continue to neglect. My last route effort for TRS2019 was a large multiple track model railway and I had a, pardon the French, bloody awful time trying to set up the sessions so trains actually operated as I intended. The whole system IMHO needs a complete overhaul with something more akin to the MSTS Activity Editor or even the DTG-TS does things.

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    AI is slightly more intelligent than 2010. Pathing is a pain unless you put in dozens of "drive via" markers.

    Best way around pathing is to use the EIT asset (Enhanced Interlocking Tower). Create fixed paths for your player train and the AI in the session. The EIT and dependencies are on the DLS, search under author "pguy".
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