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Thread: LOL, TSW 2019 isn't even fully developed and bug free, there comes TSW 2020

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    Run 8 it ain't! (Or even Derail Valley).

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    "one of the best...of some freight operations."
    Several UP locos hauling a freight train hardly constitutes "operations" my opinion.

    I agree 100%. I know this has been said many times before, but here goes. If TSW had the operational opportunities of Run8, and the ability of being able to add rolling stock and design our own operations as Train Sim 2019, we might have an acceptable rail sim.
    Interested in all Train-Sims

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    We can only wait for “the editor” and hope this provides an easy way to make up your own trains WYSIWYG and schedules by pointing, clicking and arranging way points.

    Since last December I’ve seen nothing on the editor and how it works for these simple and basic tasks.

    Perhaps come Christmas?

    Free roaming?

    Actual route building?

    Everything is cooked solid in UE4. DTG no doubt is working on finding a solution, but with resources low and strained, progress is bound to be slow.

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