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Thread: MSTS/real world length discrepancy? How to deal with it?

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    I'm pretty sure this is a Google Earth/MSTS problem, just the marker skew the further east or west of Chicago your route is.

    On the DAR the distances for the north/south portion are pretty close, the new 86 mile Annapolis Royal to Yarmouth section is about 2 miles out. The Windsor to Windsor Junction section is east/west, it's should be 30 miles according to the CP ETT but in MSTS it came to 39 miles. What I ended up doing it to place my mile posts every 1.3 MSTS mile to get only 30 mile posts.

    Keeping a passenger train on schedule is a little tough for that 30 miles but there isn't much else you can do.

    Paul :-)

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    After roughly a month of thinking this over, if this new projection method allows for true to life distances, then I'm willing to it all over again, I could care less about the coordinates. With TSRE laying the track isn't that much of an issue now, but I need to know if this will work properly with Google Earth imagery and .hgt files because I'd rather have the right elevation data regardless of co-ordinates.

    So far I've tried this line in .trk file:

    TsreGeoProjection ( 48.8485 2.29143 -12340224 30290944 )

    ...and the terrtex imported from GE is completely wrong. I bet I have to modify this line a bit. When using this one, the game thinks I'm somewhere south of Brest, Belarus.

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    I tried that world projection trick and it does seem to work. I tried it in Japan and the trackwork I've done so far looks nowhere near as skewed as MSTS

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